AIDOGE & Hello Pets Partnership Announcement

Hello Pets
2 min readMay 27, 2023


We are pleased to announce the partnership between the two great Arbitrum communities, ArbDoge and Hello Pets. Who said cats and dogs couldn’t be friends?

With this alliance, we want to make our respective communities aware of both projects, and our upcoming NFT releases, but also explore possibilities for collaboration between both metaverses and characters, and that they can mix in our open world of entertainment.

To celebrate it, we’ve decided to launch a $1,000 AIDOGE giveaway for our Hello Pets community, as well as offer $1,000 PET so the ArbDoge community can get to know us better.

To enter the contest, follow the TaskOn form steps!

BONUS: Stay tuned, because soon both communities will have the possibility to get WL for each of the next NFT releases, both BitcoinCats and AIDOGE NFT


Hello Pets is an open entertainment ecosystem aiming to be the Disney of Web3, with movies, games, metaverse and toy products. Hello Pets journey starts with a set of adorable pet characters, the #BitcoinCats NFT collection, that live forever on the Bitcoin blockchain.


The ArbDoge.AI ecosystem comprises two tokens, $AIDOGE and $AICODE, both 100% owned by the community. ArbDoge is building #NFT and #AIFI.

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Hello Pets

Hello Pets is an open entertainment ecosystem, aiming to be the next Disney in Web3.