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About Bitcoin Cats

Bitcoin Cats originate from the iconic cat character of Hello Pets. It is a special collection of 10,000 unique, immutable and pixel-styled collectibles inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Each Bitcoin Cat is carefully designed to reflect a range of cat breeds, emotions, cultures, and interests, and you can always find one that resonates with you. Bitcoin Cats is the first NFT collection of Hello Pets. Let’s discover more about Hello Pets below.

Our Philosophy

Hello Pets is designed to bring joy and healing to your life. Our goal is to let our adorable virtual characters accompany you in as many ways as possible, and spread a relaxed, cheerful lifestyle to every corner of the world.

Our Vision

Hello Pets is building an open entertainment ecosystem that includes movies, games, metaverse, AR & VR applications, virtual idols & MV, fashion products, toys and many more. By offering a suite of creator tools, we aim to fully unleash the creative potential of the community and become the community-driven ‘Disney’.

The Characters/IPs

The adorable cat, Meow Meow, is the core character of Hello Pets. This character not only embodies the shared value of our brand and community, but also pioneers our various attempts in different entertainment domains with different artistic styles.

In addition to Meow Meow, Hello Pets will also feature other characters. These will include characters created by Hello Pets, as well as other NFT IPs or traditional IPs that Hello Pets has purchased, and those shared by community artists. We will center our content creation around these IPs in the fields below.

1. Movies

We’re in the process of producing a range of short movies, full-length movies, and TV shows, all around our IPs. Our aspiration is to establish an innovative filmmaking ecosystem that brings NFT holders, artists, and the communities together in the storytelling and film production process.

2. Gaming Metaverse

We are building an Open Gaming Metaverse where players are not only able to have fun and play games in the Metaverse, but also able to build their own world and design the gameplay using our web based game editors.

3. AR, VR & MR Applications

We apply VR, AR and MR(Mixed Reality) technologies within our games, movies and other creative products to create unique, interactive, and immersive experiences for users.

Our goal is to bring our cute characters to life in ways you’ve never seen before, making them like your real-life companions, always by your side.

4. Virtual Idols & MV

We’re turning our cute characters into virtual idols in fun music videos, and they’ll be singing and dancing in ways that will make you love them even more.

What’s more? You can even become a Vtuber with our characters! They can be your virtual representation, capturing your motions for live streaming and more. It’s a whole new way to express yourself and engage with your audience.

5. Fashion Products

Fashion is a powerful form of self-expression, and we’re bringing our characters into fashion products as well. Our unique designs will integrate the signature looks of our characters into a range of clothing and accessories. This way, you can show off your favorite characters in your everyday style.

6. Innovative Toys

We’re making all kinds of toys based on our characters. This includes soft and cuddly plush toys for you to hug, fun Lego-like block sets for you to build, and many other types of toys.

Building a Creator Community

Hello Pets is all about creating a fun and creative space for everyone. We’re providing tools and platforms for artists, developers, and fans to contribute their unique ideas and creations. This way, everyone gets to play a part in shaping the future of Hello Pets. Together, we’re building a next-gen ‘Disney’ that is driven by the community.

Milestones and Roadmap

During the past half year, Hello Pets has made a significant progress. Here’s what we’ve achieved and where we’re going:

  1. We started a $6M fund to speed up our plan of building an open, fun-filled world. This fund goes towards buying NFTs, acquiring game and metaverse projects, and incentivize content creators.
  2. We’ve teamed up with hundreds of influential partners. These include big names like OKX Web3,, MEXC, Bybit NFT, and lots more NFT projects, games, and metaverse projects.
  3. We’ve built up a community with more than 200k followers on Twitter, about 70k members on Discord, and thousands of submissions of meme content, derivative art creations, as well as AR and Metaverse recordings.
  4. We’ve been working on our character modelling for various applications. This includes character modelling, mixing and matching accessories, rigging and setting up the motion capture environment, so they move realistically within Movies, VTuber, and ARVR applications.
  5. We’ve launched an early version of our Gaming Metaverse. You can check it out at You can choose an avatar from many popular NFT and meme characters, battle with other players and NPC bosses. Our innovative tech lets thousands of avatars show up at the same time in your browser.

In the near future, we’ve got big plans for Hello Pets:

  1. We’re going to launch the metaverse game editor, which allows you to construct your own Metaverse scenes, design and configure game roles and the gameplay.
  2. We’re preparing to release an early version of our AR applications. This will let you interact with our characters in the real world like never before.
  3. We’re working to bring our metaverse to VR. This will let you step into our world in a whole new way.
  4. We’re going to keep supporting our creative community and always making sure creators are at the heart of Hello Pets.
  5. We’ll continue creating real-world merchandise. Expect to see more clothing and toys featuring our adorable characters. We’re excited to share these items with our supportive community members.

We’re so excited for what’s coming next, and we can’t wait for you to be part of it!



Hello Pets

Hello Pets is an open entertainment ecosystem, aiming to be the next Disney in Web3.