‘Bitcoin Cats’ NFT Sale Plan & Whitelist Guidelines

Hello Pets
2 min readMay 20


We’re thrilled to bring you some purr-fect news today! We are about to launch our ‘Bitcoin Cats’ NFT collection on Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Cats

Bitcoin Cats’ is a special collection of immutable and pixel-styled collectibles that live forever on the Bitcoin blockchain. Each Bitcoin Cat is an artistic expression of the fusion of pixel art, revolutionary technology and irresistible cuteness!

🐾 ‘Bitcoin Cats’ NFT Sale Plan

The Pre-sale and Public sale pricing details will be disclosed shortly.

  • Free mint: TBD
  • Pre-sale: TBD
  • Public Sale: TBD

🐾 Whitelist Guidelines

There are 6 different ways to get the ‘Bitcoin Cats’ Whitelist and Free Mint opportunities (the number of spots from each way will be disclosed soon):

  1. Active Discord and Telegram group chat participants: Stay engaged and active in our Discord and Telegram groups. This is a great way to show your interest and contribute to our vibrant community.
  2. OG members, PET army and Raids activity participation: We value our loyal early supporters. If you have been with us from the beginning or participated in PET army and raid activities, this could be your chance.
  3. Meme creators: Creativity is at the heart of our project. If you love creating fun and engaging memes related to Hello Pets, you could be rewarded with one of the spots.
  4. $PET holders: Your support and belief in $PET and our project is highly appreciated!
  5. Web3 activity participants: We are offering a big amount of WL spots to those who participate in our Web3 activities. This includes Uniswap traders, Opensea traders, ETH holders, and Blue Chip NFT holders. Your involvement in the broader web3 ecosystem is highly valued.
  6. Other Twitter Raffle participants: Keep a close eye on our Twitter feed! Participate in our raffles and those with our partners for a chance to secure a place on the whitelist.

We’re thrilled to bring this unique opportunity to our community. Thank you for your continuous support! Stay active, engaged, and keep showing your creativity. Good luck!



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