Hello Pets Acquires SomniLife for $2M and Begins the Metaverse Journey

Hello Pets
2 min readMar 17, 2023


We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with the SomniLife team to acquire their Metaverse project. We believe that this acquisition will greatly accelerate the construction of Hello Pets’ Metaverse and game platform.

About SomniLife

SomniLife is a Web3 based Metaverse project that allows users to explore various 3D scenes, participate in Metaverse events, customize their personal space, build AI avatars, and many others. Hello Pets’ team has collaborated with SomniLife’s team for a few months in creating scenes, avatars, and animations. SomniLife’s accomplishments are aligned with our goal of building a paradise for NFTs and enabling users to create their dream world with entertaining stories and join our entertainment ecosystem.

Hello Pets Metaverse - a Paradise for NFTs

Hello Pets’ Metaverse Plan

Metaverse plays an important role in Hello Pets’ entertainment ecosystem. Our goal is to construct an open Metaverse and Game Platform where users can explore, play games, build scenes, and create their own games; NFT holders, artists, and developers are invited to create cool NFT avatars, 3D scenes and games; Brands are welcome to join and build the ecosystem together.

In the near future, there will be a series of product launches:

1. Meow Meow City

Next week, we will launch a fabulous Meow Meow City in the Metaverse where you can enter immediately through web browsers. You’ll be able to explore the city, watch the Meow Meow band perform our original music, and meet up with friends!

Meow Meow City

2. Metaverse Scene Editor

During Q2, we will launch the Metaverse Scene Editor, which allows you to create your own unique space, decorate it as you like, and invite your friends to have a party in it.

3. Games around Blue Chip NFTs

During Q2-Q3, we will launch our first Metaverse game, a multiplayer battle game featuring the most popular Blue Chip NFT characters.



Hello Pets

Hello Pets is an open entertainment ecosystem, aiming to be the next Disney in Web3.