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3 min readFeb 12, 2023


Hello everyone! During the past few weeks of operation, we understand that the community would like to have a better understanding of the big picture of Hello Pets - its positioning, vision, and more. So today we are here to share some of them.

Hello Pets - an Open Entertainment Ecosystem

Hello Pets’ vision is to build an Open Entertainment Ecosystem, where the community can join in the storytelling and art creation of shared IPs (starting from but not limited to the IPs in the NFT world). We begin this fantastic journey with a set of adorable pet characters, and beyond that, we welcome external NFT collections by involving their holders and community artists to share IPs and create amazing content and products together. We believe this is a paradigm shift that can fully unleash the potential of the masses. The ultimate goal of Hello Pets is to be the ‘Disney’ in Web3.

Leveraging the latest technologies of game engines, AI, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D printing and many more, the products of Hello Pets will cover not only digital applications like movies, games, metaverse, music et al, but also physical applications like lego-like toys, fashion products, home decor and many others.

My Dream Room Filled with Hello Pets and other NFT Characters

Web3 Revolution of the Entertainment Industry

In the traditional entertainment world, we are all familiar with many well-known IPs that have been part of our lives for years, such as the characters from Disney, Nintendo, and Marvel. Unfortunately, when people want to utilize these IPs to create derivative works, they are required to pay a heavy IP authorization fee and dedicate a significant amount of time communicating, negotiating, and signing contracts with the companies that own the IPs.

However, in the NFT world, in most cases all you need to do is to purchase an NFT and you can then use the IP freely to create derivative works and integrate it into your own brand to create additional value. This is a win-win situation for both parties. Firstly, you can use the IP to add fun to your brand; secondly, you can attract the fans of this IP to your brand, bringing you a larger audience; thirdly, you are also increasing the exposure of this IP and increasing its value.

Hello Pets are Fighting with BAYC while CloneX, Pudgy Penguin and Azuki Beanz are watching :)

Therefore, we are here to take the opportunity of the new IP licensing mechanism of the NFT world, and build the entertainment ecosystem of the future.

Starting our Journey with a set of Adorable Pets

Hello Pets’ goal is to reach the mainstream market, so we hope that our core characters can be widely accepted and loved by many. Adorable pets are universally loved by people of all ages and backgrounds, and bring people a lot of joy in life. With this in mind, we design a set of pet characters that are able to emotionally connect with people, and easy to use for creating derivative works in many forms of art.

Hello Pets aim to be the Cutest Characters in Web3 and Loved by Many

Build the Entertainment World of NFTs Together

What we build is not limited to the Hello Pets world. We are also big fans, holders and builders of many other NFT collections. It is a great pleasure for us to contribute to external NFT collections by making movies, games, lego-like toys, fashion products and many other products together with their community. Thanks to the efficient IP licensing mechanism in the NFT world, what we can do now is much more than we can ever imagine before.

Hello Pets, BAYC and Azuki Beanz are Performing Together in Tokyo :)

Unleash the Creative Power of the Community

Another thing that sets Hello Pets apart from traditional entertainment companies is that the content is not only created by us, but also by the community and the masses.

In the long run, a single content-producing company cannot compete with those fully utilize the collective power of the community, because the creativity of the masses is infinite.

We believe the next ‘Disney’ should be a decentralized entertainment ecosystem where the community participates in the storytelling, and now is the beginning of a revolution. So we are building a world where the art is created by the community, for the community, and the value generated is shared among the participants in the ecosystem.



Hello Pets

Hello Pets is an open entertainment ecosystem, aiming to be the next Disney in Web3.