Introducing the League of Blue Chips Program

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4 min readApr 6, 2023


We are excited to launch the League of Blue Chips program, a platform for NFT holders, creators, and communities to work together on the next-gen storytelling, gameplay, and entertainment products.


League of Blue Chips Website

1. What is the League of Blue Chips?

The League of Blue Chips can be understood from several different perspectives:

1.1 NFT IP Sharing Platform

IP Characters are often the most important components in various entertainment products like video games, movies, or TV shows, and leveraging existing IPs has many benefits such as quickly attracting the attention of the IP’s fan base, reducing development cost, and increasing the IP’s value.

In the traditional entertainment world, when creators want to utilize existing popular IPs (such as Pikachu, Super Mario, Hello Kitty, etc.) in derivative works, they are required to pay a heavy IP authorization fee and dedicate a significant amount of time negotiating and signing contracts with the companies that own the IPs.

However, in the NFT world, in most cases all they need to do is simply purchase an NFT and then use it in any way they like. This significantly accelerates the IP licensing process and unleashes creativity from a diverse community of creators.

Therefore, the League of Blue Chips NFT IP sharing platform aims to seamlessly connect NFT holders and creators to collaborate on storytelling, art creations and product development around NFT IPs, in order to ease the efforts of creators, enrich the NFT IP’s narratives and enhance the value of the NFT.

1.2 ‘League of Blue Chips’ Game Series

The League of Blue Chips game series includes a wide variety of games, such as MOBA, MMORPG and many more. One of the standout features of these games is the integration of Blue Chip NFT characters, each with their distinct personalities, backstories, and abilities, allowing players to choose their preferred characters which would influence their in-game strategies, decision-making, and progression. Players can also utilize their own NFTs and other token assets to enhance their gameplay.

Our game engine is open to support external game developers in developing new games featuring Blue Chip NFT characters, as well as making the characters available for integration into existing games. The goal is to promote the massive adoption of Blue Chip NFT characters and bridging the NFT industry and game industry.

1.3 ‘League of Blue Chips’ Movie Series

The League of Blue Chips movie series is an innovative experiment that focuses on Blue Chip NFT characters, utilizing the strength of community-driven storytelling to bring the narratives to life.

NFT fans usually have strong emotional connections with their NFT characters and eagerly anticipate seeing their favorite NFT characters appear in a variety of short films, full-length films, and TV series with engaging narratives.

To this end, the League of Blue Chips movie series delivers continuous content through an innovative filmmaking system that encourages community participation in submitting story ideas, character development suggestions, and potential plotlines.

With plans to release the movie series on popular streaming platforms, cinemas, film festivals, and as individual content accessible via NFT movie tickets, our goal is not only bringing Blue Chip NFT characters to life, but also aim to bridge the gap between the NFT world and the traditional filmmaking world.

1.4 A Club for Blue Chip NFT Holders

The League of Blue Chips is also an exclusive club for Blue Chip NFT holders to share ideas and discuss future plans about the development of the League of Blue Chips games, movies and other related products.

The club organizes regular meetings, workshops, and brainstorming sessions, and provides members with networking opportunities and collaboration resources that drive innovation in the NFT space, to ensure that the League remains at the forefront of the NFT space, adapting to new trends and challenges.

2. The Benefits of Joining the League of Blue Chips

If you’re an NFT holder, joining the League of Blue Chips is a great way to increase your NFT’s exposure and value. As it allows a diverse community of artists and developers to do secondary artworks based on your NFT, adding more storytelling to make it fuller and more vivid. Furthermore, it also benefits from the promotion of a series of League of Blue Chips products, like being characters in games and movies.

Additionally, your personal brand or business will be benefited from it as well, we’d like to introduce the NFT holder in the way you like and do cross marketing with you.

There will be more benefit for League of Blue Chips participants, including but not limited to:

  • Obtaining League of Blue Chips Legend Card as a certificate
  • Obtaining movie tickets of League of Blue Chips Movie Series
  • Qualifying for testing League of Blue Chips Games
  • Obtaining Whitelist of certain Metaverse and game assets
  • Obtaining Whitelist of pre-launching high-quality NFT collections
  • Obtaining physical gifts such as fashion pieces, figures, plush toys, Lego-like building blocks, etc. of Blue Chip NFT characters
  • Attending exclusive online and offline events

3. How to Join the League of Blue Chips?

Fill out the form below, let us understand who you are, what you would like to do with your NFTs, and how you would like to contribute to the League of Blue Chips.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure with us and let’s build the League of Blue Chips together!

Stay tuned for more announcements :)



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