$PET Army Program Launching 🚀

Hello Pets
2 min readMay 11, 2023


We are excited to launch the $PET Army Program, aimed at uniting $PET supporters to spread the word of Hello Pets!

About Hello Pets

Hello Pets starts from a meme cat, and about to build the next-gen entertainment ecosystem by bringing community together to create endless stories and content.

What $PET Army will do

  1. Let more people know about Hello Pets: Actively expose our PET character, share Hello Pets news, and introduce Hello Pets to new people.
  2. Create content for Hello Pets, including but not limited to writing posts on social media, creating videos and other content that highlights the strength of Hello Pets.
  3. Engage with the community, especially the local language communities, helping people to better understand our project.
  4. Organize events to promote Hello Pets. These could be either online events such as Twitter Space, live streaming, AMAs, or offline events such as local meetups, exhibitions and conferences.

Benefits of joining the $PET Army

  1. $PET rewards and funds based on what you do.
  2. Free Hello Pets gifts, such as fashion items, home decor, figures, plush toys, Lego-like building blocks, and much more.
  3. Early access to new products, features, or updates from Hello Pets, such as games, movies and other applications.
  4. Whitelist opportunities for NFT sales and exclusive events.
  5. Networking opportunities with influential individuals, projects and institutions.
  6. Personal development and the chance to make an impact. Hello Pets will provide full support to enhance your leadership skills, recognition and personal influence.

How to join

Fill out this form https://forms.gle/tic4kUz1FiSmxwvNA, let us know who you are, what you’re interested in, and how we can collaborate to empower Hello Pets!



Hello Pets

Hello Pets is an open entertainment ecosystem, aiming to be the next Disney in Web3.