The Bitcoin Cats MEME Competition is Launching

Hello Pets
2 min readMay 24, 2023


‘Bitcoin Cats’ is a special collection of unique, immutable and pixel-styled collectibles that live forever on the Bitcoin blockchain.

We invite you to create MEMEs themed around Bitcoin Cats and will offer Whitelist Spots for high-quality creators!

Deadline: May 31 8AM UTC


  1. Create MEMEs themed around Bitcoin Cats NFT. There are no style limitations. (You can find a Bitcoin Cat here
  2. Publish your MEME creations on Twitter, tag @HelloPetsLabs, #BitcoinCats and #HelloPets.
  3. Post links to your entries in the Discord #meme-proposal channel for evaluation!
  4. Winners will be announced in the Discord #wl-winner channel.

Memes are the language of the NFT community, and with your creations you will not only have the opportunity to be part of the Hello Pets Bitcoin Cats community, but to create more value for it by spreading the word about the cutest collection ever! Do not wait any longer and participate now!



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