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3 min readMar 31, 2023


Hello everyone! During Q1 of 2023, Hello Pets has made a significant progress. This article is to summarize some of the highlights and provides a roadmap for the next quarter.

1. Ecosystem Fund

Hello Pets launched a $6M Fund to accelerate the vision of building an Open Entertainment Ecosystem, through NFT purchase, Metaverse and Gaming projects acquisitions, and content creators incentives.

1.1. Purchase of 10 BAYC

Within this newly established Fund, Hello Pets purchased 10 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs with $1M that will star in our upcoming movie series and games.

1.2. Acquisition of SomniLife

Hello Pets acquires SomniLife for $2M to construct an open Metaverse and Game Platform where users can explore, play games, build scenes, and create their own games; NFT holders, artists, and developers are invited to create cool NFT avatars, 3D scenes and games; Brands are welcome to join and build the ecosystem together.

2. Product Updates

2.1. Metaverse Demo Launched

We launched a web3 metaverse demo in March. The first space is Meow Meow City, the vibrant and colorful city where users can explore the city streets, watch a live performance from Meow Meow Band, and meet up with friends!

Hello Pets Metaverse Demo

2.2. MOBA Game - Battle of Blue Chips (Future Work in Q2)

Hello Pets will Launch a MOBA Game called Battle of Blue Chips in Q2 2023, in which many popular NFT collections will be involved as characters, including but not limited to BAYC, Azuki, CloneX, Meebits, Pudgy Penguin, Beanz, Wonderpals and most importantly, our Meow Meows!

Battle of Blue Chips, a MOBA game by Hello Pets

3. $PET Token

During the Q1, the price of $PET token increases 4x

Price of $PET in 2023 Q1

3.1. $PET Migration to Ethereum

In January, $PET token migrated from BSC to Ethereum. Gate, MEXC, CoinW, and Hotbit successfully supported this token migration. Also, $PET is listed on BitMart. Furthermore, we add more than $2M PET-ETH liquidity on Uniswap.

3.2. $PET supported on Arbitrum

In March, $PET token supports Arbitrum, the most popular Layer2 network for Ethereum. Hello Pets partnered with KyberSwap to list the $PET token, while providing $700K in Liquidity. $PET token was also available on Uniswap Arbitrum.

4. Movie

4.1. Optimizing the Algorithm in VR Film Making

We optimize the algorithms and develop a plug-in for game engines, to make it possible to make VR Movies. The algorithms optimize the control of 6 cameras in 360 Movie making and 12 cameras in VR Movie making.

VR 360 Video | An Overview of Meow Meow’s Kingdom

4.2. AR Applications

We test various tools to make AR applications and solve difficulties occurred. Here is a sample of an AR video made:

AR Video :)

4.3. Movie Series - League of Blue Chips (Future Work)

Hello Pets plan to make a series of movies call League of Blue Chips, in which NFT characters, like BAYC, Azuki, CloneX, Meebits, Meow Meows serve as movie roles. In this Film making process, NFT holders and community artist will be invited in the content production, while the communities will have the opportunity to participate in the storytelling.

5. Collaborations

During Q1, Hello Pets formed 30+ Partnerships to market Hello Pets Entertainment World, including Gate.io, OKX Wallet, Kucoin Wallet, Bybit NFT, MEXC and many others. More than 20 AMAs are made in popular web3 communities.

Collaborations in Q1 2023



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